Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Recap

As a lowly poor person who works one full-time job and a part-time on the side, the weekends are NEVER long enough. And since I didn't win the lottery this weekend to instantly become a (hundred)millionaire, because I didn't even buy a ticket this week, here I am, back at work. Oh, the plight.

Friday night I worked at my part-time job and then was right back there less than 12 hours later to work most of the day Saturday. I love working in the jewelry store because I get to look at all of the jewels and talk to all different people, but I was exhausted come Saturday evening at 6. Thankfully, a girl's night was in order to shop for new make-up, a bridal shower dress, and lots of pizza with my friend Ashley, who I've been crafting and bachelorette-planning for lately. I just happen to be known for being the best gift-giver and party planner that most of my friends know, and timing worked out really well Saturday night when Ashley got home to find a little surprise on her doorstep, thanks to Ashley Brooke Designs. Love her stuff!

Sunday, of course, was Easter and the whole day full of church, fellowship, and family left my heart so full to overflowing. First was church with my mom's family and then lunch with the whole crowd, including the three cutest little boys on earth and Easter baskets and goodies all around. I found out that Easter baskets (or bags, in our case) change a little when you get older. My aunt gave me a beautiful yellow flower to plant in my yard and my sweet, southern mama gave me the BIGGEST and pinkest hydrangea that I can't wait to plant. 

A beautiful flower that I will probably kill in one week. I have a black thumb. Or two.

Thankfully, Easter Sunday also meant the end of Lent and I could not only dig into my mama's homemade chocolate eclair yesterday for dessert, but also the leftovers tonight AND tomorrow. 

Holy yumminess!

After not eating lunch until 2pm, we headed to dinner with my dad's family at 5. While I didn't eat, it was good to see everyone and I realized that the older I get, the more connected I feel to our family farm. It's special and where my loved ones are. My sweet granddaddy worked and planted these acres until his last days with us, and now one of my uncles does the same.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter weekend full of fellowship, love, and family, as well! Here's to the week ahead, may it be amazing!


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